5 Aug 2013

"Everything is Okay" It's just some Space Invaders in Downtown Oshawa


Installation and interactive art by Judith Mason, Leslie Menagh & Ramune Luminaire joins OshawaSpaceInvaders (OSI), September 13 through 28 in Downtown Oshawa

A hit of the 2012 Toronto Nuit Blanche, OSI is pleased to include the work of these three talented and acclaimed artists.

Several full-bodied, life-sized space invaders will be out on the streets of Oshawa for the public to find, printed with the words ‘ EVERYTHING IS OK. Pass me and my message on‘ . This will give members of the community an opportunity to walk around with a space invader, take a photo,  upload it to their Facebook page, and pass the space invader on to someone else. 

For a taste of this exciting artwork go to these links.