28 Jul 2013

What's The Vault?  It's Oshawa's newest art & culture centre at 19 Simcoe Street North.  Here are two links.

http://slowcity.ca/1/post/2013/05/the-vault.html      and    https://www.facebook.com/thevault.19simcoe

Digging Oshawa is an exhibition of paintings celebrating Oshawa through its architecture.  The show opened on Thursday, July 19th, at The Vault and was followed by a lively round table discussion of Rodger's art and why it's important to celebrate Oshawa, a city that we seem to have a love-sort of dislike relationship with.  It was a discussion that city councillors might have benefitted from hearing.

Marg Rodgers is an OshawaSpaceInvader and guests at the opening included Wil McGuirk, Steven Frank and Gary Greenwood, who are also OshawaSpaceInvaders and will be participating in OshawaSpaceInvaders in September in....Oshawa.

Some pictures from the opening and discussion.