28 Jul 2013

Tony Cooper's work is currently on view at the Clarington Visual Art Centre until  August 11, 2013.
Tony will be apart of OshawaSpaceInvaders in September.

Watch this blog for details.

In his own words...

I work physically on the land, to maintain a presence and to observe directly the changes and effects of the elements over time. I choose to document sites repeatedly, building up a composite of viewpoints that attest to the dynamic experience of place. Nature as subject and medium is integrated with the body in the act of oil painting on site, under the constraints of time, personal endurance and the elements themselves. These “test exposures” have risk and necessity attached to their creation, (not retouched or photomediated in any way). The paintings are an immediate and lively response to the environment, a type of abstract expressionism. When combined with other pieces into arrays, the arrangements allow for abstract elements, blank spaces, sections of raw material or drawings to be juxtaposed, creating a complex, cross-referential whole.